Chooks On The Beach

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We can't help it. We think our shop is by far the best on the northern beaches.

Not because we’re in the best location (although Collaroy Beach is pretty good), but because we serve the most delicious and tender chicken for miles around.

Our Eat-In and Takeaway menu includes a lot more than just chicken, with a full range of tasty and mouth-watering options, such as;

  • Creamy Potato
  • Oven Roasted Potato and Pumpkin
  • Stir Fry Vegetables
  • Chicken Kebab
  • Spring Rolls
  • Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • and many more...

We also provide a fast and friendly catering service for anyone with a celebration, from engagement parties to BBQs, birthday events and any other function you can think of.

As a local family business, we take pride in the food we supply and guarantee you won’t find better meals and service anywhere on the northern beaches.

So check out our menu by clicking here and get ready for the most succulent chicken dish you’ve ever tasted.


Recommended Specialities

Portuguese Summer Burgers:

made using fresh chicken breast fillets that have been marinated in-store with a special secret recipe. Also includes fresh lettuce, cheese and the best mayo in the world - Borden’s Ultra-Premium Whole Egg Mayonnaise from New York.

Beef Burgers:

fresh ground beef and the freshest of salads are the key to a great burger, so that’s what we use.


our range of salads is a big as it is fresh. All prepared daily on-site, there’s something for everyone with a range that includes Caesar to Greek and everything in between.


Why we choose Lilydale Free Range Chickens

We care about the chickens we use and so insist on Lilydale free range chickens every time.

Lilydale provides the most comfortable living conditions for its chickens to ensure both a premium and ethically sound product.

Lilydale farms are accredited and regularly audited during their growing cycle to ensure high standards are met at all times.

Once fully feathered, Lilydale chickens roam outside during the day to forage amongst natural vegetation. Their unique barns allow for the side to be opened, providing twice the outdoor access as is standard in the industry.